Hardy Sandhu is a well-known Punjabi singer and rapper. He has been one of the biggest sensations in the music industry because of his songs which have had a instant connect with the audience.

Hardy Sandhu started his career with producing and singing songs himself. His first solo album was Tequila Shot but he rose to fame after his songs ‘Soch’ (2013) and ‘Joker’ (2014) became all time blockbusters. This boosted his morale and he produced awesome tracks like  Naah, Kya Baat Hai, Hornn Blow, Backbone, Yaar Ni Milyaa, She Dance Like and many more.

His songs have also been remade and used in various Bollywood movies. He is presently working as a musician as well as an actor and is featuring along Ranveer Singh in the Bollywood movie 86
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